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Feb 27, 2009 • 2009 02 27 • 4:26 PM Tracing the tracks of a product’s origins can be a fun and enlightening experience. This report will take you through a brief trip through the history of the computer monitor. It will discuss the evolution of monitors and explain the differences between displays. Whether you’re looking for information on television sets, laptop computers, or any other type of display, this report can help you find what you’re looking for. “...display technologies and have been in existence since the first television sets were first exhibited at the Paris Exposition of 1900.” While the first television set was introduced in Paris in 1900, there have been changes in the types of displays since the invention of television. The first television sets used cathode ray tubes (CRTs) to display the images, and these displays were mainly used in the 1950s. CRTs had the following advantages over other types of display technologies: ▢ CRTs were inexpensive (about $4,000 in 1952) ▢ CRTs had high resolution, depending on the size of the screen (resolution increased as the size of the screen increased) ▢ CRTs had few technical problems and were much easier to repair than other types of displays ▢ CRTs were flat and could be incorporated into a wide variety of product configurations Since the 1950s, CRTs have been the standard for television displays. For example, computer monitors are currently made with CRT technology. The major drawback of CRT displays is that they contain mercury. The containment of hazardous materials into the display can be hazardous to the health of consumers. Therefore, a number of display technologies have been introduced, including liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma display panel (PDP), and thin-film transistor (TFT) displays. CRT: A Brief History ▢ CRTs first emerged in the late 1800s and became a common part of home entertainment. Although CRTs were not the first display technology, they were the first to become a common item and are widely used today. CRTs are essentially flat devices containing a phosphor-coated cathode ray tube (CRT). The phosphor-coated cathode ray tube is a vacuum tube that contains a high-voltage electron gun that focuses the beam of electrons onto a phosphor-coated viewing screen. The phosphor-coated screen changes




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Need For Speed Most Wanted Download Pc Full Version Free [Latest-2022]

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